A Shining Solution for Coins and Precious Metals

coin-mintingThe Wet Technologies automated wet slurry blasting process descales and finishes coins and precious metals of gold, platinum, silver, and even bronze. Precise control of the finishing process is maintained, while valuable materials remain on-premise.

To obtain the desired exquisite finish for precious metals, coins and medallions, a Wet Technologies system can utilize the right media and parameters to treat surfaces with no measurable material removal. In addition, this process eliminates caustic chemicals, dust and dust collectors, for a safer work environment.

Applications include investment removal and/or descaling, while producing matte or polished finishes. Extremely fine closed-loop filtration guarantees containment and cleanliness.

Minimize Hazards, Maximize Automation for Coin Minting

With a robotic system that loads, descales, rotates, rinses and unloads the coins automatically, throughput for the mint’s coin finishing process leaped to one coin processed every 45 seconds…

Automated system for US Mint
All specifications and requirements, including requested customizations, have been met. The unit is solid and well built. Training was professional and thorough.”
Keysight Technologies Inc., Santa Rosa, CA
The initial inspection and training by Brian, Dan and Fred was outstanding.
Their dedication goes way beyond what was expected!”
Navair, China Lake, CA