Wet Blast Equipment Suppliers & Distributors

Our extensive network of factory trained wet blast equipment distributors can help you procure your wet blasting system. We’ll provide any supplies and local support you may need to keep work flowing.

New England
Dawson-Macdonald Co., Inc.   800-556-4456   www.dawson-macdonald.com

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
Omni Finishing Systems   800-220-1075   www.omnifinishing.com

Indiana, Kentucky, Southern Ohio
Abrasive Products – A SurfacePrep Company  800-428-4456   www.abrasiveproducts.com

Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas
Midvale Industries   866-643-8253   www.midvaleind.com

Michigan, Wisconsin

SurfacePrep – Grand Northern/AFTech Division   800-968-1811   www.grandnorthern.com

Delong Equipment – A SurfacePrep Company  800-959-5009   www.delongequipment.com

Southwest, Northwest
SurfacePrep – SPS Division  800-899-3872   www.surfaceprep.com

S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment — A SurfacePrep Company   800-252-7836   www.sotabrasives.com

Nationwide Independent Agent
Surface Matics, LLC    856-303-8770  www.surfacematics.com

Very pleased with the craftsmanship and dedication. We look forward to maintaining the high standards you’ve demonstrated.”
Metal Finishing Technologies, Forestville, CT
Training and runoff went very well; looking forward to processing our military marine pumps.
Curtiss-Wright, Philipsburg, NJ