Environmentally Responsible Wet Blasting Systems

An ever-growing number of private and government-supplying companies demand that not only their own operations comply with sustainable initiatives, but that their vendors and suppliers do, as well. These issues have caused great concern for traditional wash, blast and mass finishing technology providers. But this reality has never posed a problem for Wet Technologies. Quite the contrary. Literally sustainable by design, our innovative wet slurry blasting systems have been engineered to deliver dust-free, static-free and closed-loop operation from day one. In fact, clean surface finishing defines our core competency.

Closed loop filtration

We purchased a WT50 high volume liquid media system… to replace a competitive model. Both systems featured submerged pumps and closed-loop filtration. Our operators and maintenance staff are very pleased with the efficiency and ergonomic improvements, and marveled over the minimum downtime required for PM, a fraction of what it used to be.

Honeywell, Allentown, PA

We’ve been using Wet Technologies to fabricate our custom wet-slurry blast machines since the company’s inception. We use these machines to clean our aircraft engine vanes after our laser hole drill process. We’re ecstatic about our new machines which have surpassed expectations and I’m sure will prove to be as reliable as the other six we’ve purchased.”

GE Aircraft Engines, Madisonville, KY

Sustainable By Design

Our systems not only comply with rigid environmental standards, but they also deliver valuable advantages that improve your bottom line. For example:

  • Our wet blast systems easily comply with HEPA requirements because they don’t produce dust. This eliminates air quality issues and breathing problems associated with traditional dry blasting techniques.
  • Wet Tech systems don’t produce static electricity, so fires are not ignited by the buildup of dust in factory areas.
  • Because our systems are self-contained in a closed-loop, they efficiently collect, clean and reuse the wet slurry. Scale and other component particles are filtered, and contaminants such as lubricants, oil, grease and paint are easily separated for recycling or disposal.
  • Our systems can be placed in close proximity to sensitive manufacturing processes, reducing floor space and material handling.
  • Wet Tech systems don’t require space consuming, expensive dust collectors and their costly maintenance. This offers manufacturing planners more workflow options.