Firearm Finishing Techniques Improve Both Process and Product.

Eliminate Dust from the Workplace — and the Part.

To eliminate dust and embedded media in the material, firearm manufacturers are shifting from dry blasting to wet slurry abrasive blasting firearm finishing processes, like Wet Technologies’ systems. Wet blasting compresses the time and multiple steps finishing processes typically require, significantly cutting production time. The wet slurry abrasive blasting process eliminates steps and leaves the part clean, smooth and polished.

Tighter Tolerance and a Uniform, Precision Matte Finish.

Our self-contained, closed-loop, automated wet blasting systems are used to deburr edges, remove or blend machining marks, and smooth or lap the surface of newly machined components — leaving these parts with higher quality precision matte finishes, ready for assembly. Wet slurry easily reaches previously inaccessible surfaces of the slide, and leave the part fully deburred, with a uniform finish. Plus, since our solution unquestionably produces tighter tolerance, higher quality components, the end product today is a finer one.

Automated Finishing Technology

Deburr edges, remove or blend machining marks, and smooth or lap the surface of newly machined components.

Enhancing Firearm Production

Achieve an ultra-smooth and cosmetically superior finish on intricate firearm components.

Dual processing for continuous surface finishing at high throughput

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