A Flexible Addition for Accurate, Repeatable Wet Blast Processes

icon-roboticsPrecision robotic wet blasting offers a practical path to productivity for more applications and processes than ever before. Parts that require multiple moving nozzle angles are good candidates for Wet Tech designs, mating part handling and delivery with a multi axis robotic wet blasting system. Or, the part itself can be manipulated by robot, with the slurry nozzle (or nozzles) either stationary or moveable. In addition to being a Motoman Service Provider (MSP), we also integrate Fanuc, and other 6  and 7 axis robotic systems for industrial and military applications to meet your requirements.

Precision robotic wet blasting provides:

  • More controllable parameters than dry blast processing.
  • Fully integrated with our standard manual and semi-automatic systems as well as shuttle and rotary configurations. Programmed at our factory.
  • Industrial TIG welded stainless construction.
  • Our bar code and data recording capability matches each part to it’s own program for life.
  • Increased margins through predictable, high-quality production helps you stay competitive, retain and win new business.