Before You Buy a Wet Blast System…

Consider the significant advantages of Wet Technologies. All wet blast systems are not created equal. So, how do you know which machine to purchase or which company to buy from? Before you make a decision based on price alone, here are 5 important things to consider.

1- Made in the USA.

  • Testing and manufacturing in Holbrook, NY
  • Factory trained local service professionals
  • Spare parts on the shelf at our USA factory and stocking distributors
  • Hundreds of references and repeat customers in the USA

2- Well-equipped wet blasting cabinets
designed for convenience and efficiency.

  • Easy-to-replace, long-wear components
  • Shadow-less, easily accessible lighting
  • FRP fiberglass grate work surface will not permanently deflect from loads        

3- Flexible installation—easily integrate with your floor plan.

  • Factory-installed HEPA filtered exhaust systems per OSHA standards
  • Can be placed near sensitive processes
  • Low noise – below 80dB

4- High Quality Pump—the heartbeat of our wet blasting system.

  • USA-supplied high HP motor
  • Consistent, repeatable delivery of slurry—
    from one to a dozen or more nozzles simultaneously—guaranteed.
  • 3,000-5,000 hours typical wear life
  • 30-minute standard quick maintenance

5- Safe for your factory. Sustainable by design.

  • Dust free, closed loop
  • Efficient use of media
  • Standard stainless steel de-mister included
  • Reuseable 5-50 micron final rinse filtration
  • Differential pressure gauge to monitor filters
Before you buy a wet blast system

Each Wet Technologies blast system is engineered to meet your unique requirements.

Over forty options available.

Before you buy a Wet Blast system, call 631-285-7285 for more details.