Diesel Engine Remanufacturing

Better Descaling and Cleaning.

Cummins Diesel, world-renowned manufacturer of commercial, industrial and marine grade diesel engines, needed a better descaling and cleaning solution for a plant in Mexico that remanufactures diesel engine water pump housings and components. The remanufacturing work had been previously done in-house, manually, but it was costing far too much and taking too long. In addition, their dry blast and shot blast processes entailed multiple steps and stations, the parts could not be turned around in sufficient time, and the dust generated was causing a serious health and safety hazard to employees.

For Cummins, Rapid Turnaround was Key.

Wet Technologies created a one-station, fully automated, wet blasting solution that descaled, de-oiled, cleaned and rinsed the turbocharger housing all in one place — and all in one single, simultaneous, multi-phased step — reducing the time it had originally taken to reman these parts by up to 50%. And, since all of our wet slurry systems are self-contained, and closed loop, there is zero dust created that can escape into the air. Furthermore, since all contaminants released from the parts are collected and self-contained by our filtration solution — crud, oil, grease, scale, rust, paint — working conditions were drastically improved on the floor. In addition, because our solution is also completely chemical-free, the environment outside of the plant is no longer being compromised, since there are no hazardous chemicals introduced by our equipment that require disposal.

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iconThe ability to successfully salvage and reman these components from the field, which often arrive hundreds per day to the plant, represents a major portion of savings and revenue for Cummins. It was an area in critical need of attention.”
Cummins, Mexico

Cummins is so delighted with the speed, efficiency and cleanliness of our Wet Tech Process, that it intends to deploy similar solutions in multiple plants in the United States.

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High pressure wet blast system with multi-axis nozzles