7 Reasons to Choose an Advanced Wet Blast Process Over Chemical Dip

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Eliminate caustic chemicals and their expensive disposal cycle. Reduce process steps, saving time, labor, and space on your factory floor. Prep parts for bonding, painting, plating or coating. Often, wet blasting alone [...]

6 Reasons to Choose an Advanced Wet Blast Process Over Dry Blasting

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If you’re still using dry blast equipment and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), now is the time to re-think your surface prep and finishing processes. 1-Enhance worker safety. No need for PPE. Eliminate airborne dust [...]

Wet Blasting and Additive Manufacturing: Two Young Technologies “Made” for Each Other.

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Wet Blast cabinets designed by Wet Technologies are a perfect match for Additive Manufacturing, particularly for parts being made on demand—even in the field. Surface smoothing, preparation for inspection and protective coatings are the [...]

Aluminum Finishing Levels the Field for Consumer Tools Being Made in the USA.

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The market for consumer goods is so competitive, manufacturing in the US often seems cost-prohibitive. But Wet Technologies worked with Empire to freshen up the look of its levels for consumer appeal, while eliminating the [...]

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