The market for consumer goods is so competitive, manufacturing in the US often seems cost-prohibitive. But Wet Technologies worked with Empire to freshen up the look of its levels for consumer appeal, while eliminating the expense and regulatory complications of chemical anodizing.

The chemical process required to prepare aluminum for anodization is environmentally unfriendly, and requires special precautions for health and safety. Electrolytic solutions are toxic and expensive to dispose of. All of this was eliminated with the purchase of 2 closed loop in-line wet blast slurry systems from Wet Technologies. The new machines leave the new Empire levels and rafter squares with a smooth matte metallic finish.

In this case the desired finish is achieved in Wet Technologies sustainable closed loop equipment. The Wet Tech Process can also be used for cleaning and blending stained and oxidized surfaces, and to prep aluminum surfaces for painting or powder coating.

Working as a team with Empire, we tested variations in parameters until the least active profile possible was achieved, which is not only visually appealing but also resistant to oxidation. The smooth, even surface is consistent; the process is sustainable and reliable. The product is efficiently finished, rinsed and dried, saving several steps, time and valuable floor space. Meeting or exceeding EPA requirements. Proudly produced in the USA.

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