The world has seen a significant rise in automation in recent years, and industries across the board have been impacted. Although every industry has reacted differently to changing technology, manufacturing has embraced automation, making processes faster, smoother, and cheaper in the long run.

Robotics offer impressive developments in manufacturing. Robotics take automated systems to the next level – they not only automate processes but can also replicate human actions entirely.

This growing robotics technology is changing the way manufacturers carry out processes such as wet blasting. As you plan what’s next for your wet blasting systems, consider these 7 ways automated wet blasting with industrial robotics can improve your operation significantly.

1. The Entire Process Can Be Programmed

Start to finish, robotics allow the entire wet blasting process to be programmed. Robots are installed at our factory for your convenience and come fully integrated with our automated systems including shuttle and rotary configurations. This creates a precise and repeatable wet blasting process.

2. Robots Improve Precision And Repeatability

Process automation robotics don’t just make the process faster – they also make the end result better. By taking the possibility of human error out of the equation, wet blasting becomes precise, consistent, and repeatable. You’re able to program the processes in advance based on exact needs and specifications, and the robotics will take it over from there.

3. Robotics Are Not Limited to One Process Per Machine

Wet blasting isn’t one-size-fits-all – different parts will require different processes, each of which need to be done accurately and efficiently. Fortunately, a robot can be programmed to perform potentially hundreds of different processes, and you can easily select whichever one is needed at the time. And because it’s all automated, you can rest assured that each part will receive wet blasting consistent with the other parts of its kind.

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    4. Robotics Support Multi-Axis Wet Blasting

    For a consistent and even wet blasting job, it’s important that the blast can reach all angles of the part. That’s why we design robotic systems to support multi-axis wet blasting. Moving nozzles will blast the part at all angles, and the robots can even manipulate the part itself to give you the best possible results.

    5. Robots Are Getting Smaller

    Industrial robots are no longer the bulky, expensive equipment they used to be. Rather, robots are getting smaller, faster, and smarter every day. Besides the obvious benefit of this technology not taking up so much floor space, they have also become more affordable. This trend of robots getting smaller is expected to continue as technology advances.

    6. Some Robots Can Be Controlled Remotely

    Because the robots already have all the tools and programming they need to get the job done, you may not even need to be in the room to control them. Using a laptop or other computer, you may be able to select a program and trigger the wet blasting process remotely. However, most Wet Tech systems use pendant controls as opposed to remote controls. A tethered pendant allows users to easily program and initiate processes from either side of the machine.

    7. Robotics Can Help Address Labor Shortages

    With labor shortages continuing to impact the US, robotics can help minimize the effects of a limited staff. Designed to mimic human dexterity, robots can free up your current employees to focus on other priorities. And although robots aren’t expected to completely replace human labor in the near future, they do make teams faster and more cost-efficient in the long run.

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