Is it really beneficial to shop globally, and buy from the lowest bidder? While we may save a few dollars on the initial purchase, the total cost is often higher in the long run.

There’s inherent risk in depending on overseas suppliers, which may not become apparent until long after an important purchase is made. Global relationships are unstable. Regulations, standards—and cultural and ethical values—differ widely from one nation to another. The economic climate is volatile and unpredictable. While an inexpensive purchase may seem mutually beneficial at the outset, what happens when you need training, support, or replacement parts? What recourse do you have when you discover corners have been cut in order to achieve that low initial purchase price?

Made in America for Quality.

High level engineering, well-sourced materials, intelligent processes and a work force that stands for integrity are all factors that result in better quality. If you’re planning to purchase a wet blast system, now is the time to think about this. What kinds of details, which may seem unimportant on the date of purchase, inevitably come into play sooner or later?

Think about routine maintenance. Look for cabinet linings that are not only durable, but quick and easy to replace. Lighting and work surfaces should likewise be low-maintenance, with proven durability and longevity.

The Pump—The Heartbeat of the Machine—must have high capacity, efficient, reliable performance. Routine maintenance should take less than 30 minutes. A well-made pump will exceed your current application requirements and allow you to scale up, or adapt to changes in spec, that you may not foresee at the present time.

Made in America for Sustainability.

OSHA standards are just the start. Waste and emissions must be handled responsibly and ethically. A quality wet blast system is so well contained, clean, and quiet that it can be placed next to sensitive equipment on your factory floor. Your new equipment should be safe not only for operators—without the need for PPE—but also harmless to the health of other factory workers.

Made in America for Service.

From the initial proof of concept, to training, to delivery, Made in America means responsive service. Expect quicker lead times, practical training, prompt local support, and replacement items in stock ready for fast delivery. Your supplier should be right beside you not only through engineering, build, and training, but also for the life of your surface finishing system.

For more information about what to look for in a Wet Blast System, and the company that will stand behind it, see Before You Buy a Wet Blast System…

American Resources. American Values.

It’s about quality, sustainability, and service. But it’s also about economics. While Corporate America increased profit margins by shifting production overseas, thousands of US factories closed. The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which was reached in January, bodes well for the steel industry and American manufacturers who rely on it.¹ This not only improves quality and streamlines the supply chain, but also creates jobs, supports innovation, and makes America stronger.



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