In-House Research Lab and Wet Blast Services

At the Wet Technologies full service precision wet blast finishing R&D Lab, we are committed to extensive research and development as well as comprehensive testing that emulates field conditions. This essential work keeps our multidisciplinary solutions not only at the cutting edge of quality and capability, but also at the vanguard of what the industry actually experiences and demands. From the initial days of our formation we insisted on pushing the state-of-the-art — in every aspect of design and development — which has enabled us to come to market with forward-thinking products that have redefined the category. Today, 20 years later, we continue producing customizable solutions for achieving results few, if any, can rival. In short, we constantly update, upgrade and innovate on an ongoing basis.

Exploration that Leads to Surface Finishing Innovation

Our customers challenge us in many ways to create solutions that meet or exceed demanding end requirements in smoothness and cleanliness, surface texturing, measurement tolerances, and material performance in the field. In response, we’ve created a dedicated research lab at Wet Technologies and have fully equipped it with automated capabilities for conducting several essential tasks…

  • Explore, test and verify emerging and evolving automated and manual process applications.
  • Test and prove-out process applications under precisely the same conditions and parameters in which they will be processed at the customer site by simulating production conditions in our lab.
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers to engineer new approaches for solving common application problems

Precision Wet Blast Finishing Services

  • Customize solution features, functions and configurations to suit highly specific customer requirements
  • Proactively design, build and prove prototype machinery and technologies that will lead to tomorrow’s market-driven innovations
  • Conduct ongoing quality control and process verification on current products in production. Testing equipment includes digital microscope, profilometer, photo and video recording.

As customer requirements continue to evolve, so do Wet Technology solutions, resulting in highly advanced, fully automated wet blasting equipment that delivers what it promises — and more.

Wet Blast Job Shop Part Processing Services

Also at the lab, Wet Technologies provides Job Shop Services for companies that have no current need, or are not yet ready, to purchase their own equipment. Parts can be processed manually, or with repeatable automation, or in batches. Following the initial review of your requirement, we will submit a proposal with structured pricing that includes tooling, media or abrasive requirements, processing of the part(s), post-processing treatments, packaging, and labor. Projects range from a single part, to small, medium, and continuous runs.

New manual systems in stock — ready to ship

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