eliminate caustic chemicals
  1. Eliminate caustic chemicals and their expensive disposal cycle.
  2. Reduce process steps, saving time, labor, and space on your factory floor.
  3. Prep parts for bonding, painting, plating or coating. Often, wet blasting alone can achieve a superior pre-bond or cosmetic finish, eliminating the need for these steps.
  4. Avoid re-deposition of oils and contaminants. Look for a wet blast system with closed loop filtered rinsing, with oil separation options.
  5. Operate a more sustainable, earth-friendly facility.
  6. Any substrate that can be exposed to water can be finished with a superior wet blast process.
  7. A very low concentration built in inhibitor will protect parts prone to flash rusting.

What’s your most sensitive surface-finishing challenge? We’ll work with you to design an advanced Wet Tech Process. Reduce cost, improve sustainability, and save time—while improving the surface characteristics of your part or product.