What Is Wet Soda Blasting?

Enclosed in a self-contained cabinet, wet soda blasters force a pressurized slurry of sodium bicarbonate through a tube and nozzle. By manually spraying the slurry against all surfaces of soiled engine components for several minutes, you can clean the parts thoroughly. After careful rinsing and complete drying, you’ll be ready to reconnect the restored parts to your engine for a high level of performance.

What Should I Know About Soda?

Known commonly as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate — or “soda” — comes in several particle sizes. The larger the grit, the greater the abrasive power. Friable and with a hardness rating of roughly 2.5, soda is soft enough to degrease and remove contaminants from metal parts without harming the substrate. This is crucial when you need to preserve a part’s tolerance limits.

The baking soda particles are manufactured in uniform sizes to assure that you can reliably predict your cleaning results. Also be aware that while some cabinet systems are designed to recirculate abrasives, not all systems do so efficiently. Check your manufacturer specs for optimal slurry life.

With A Wet Soda Blaster in Your Mechanic Shop, You’ll Be Able To…

…Clean Parts More Efficiently.

Wet soda blasting cleans engine components more quickly than chemical baths do. This should increase your productivity because spending less time cleaning parts will give you more time to work on other jobs.

…Scour Hard-to-Reach Crevices.

Soda particles are small enough to clean contaminants from passages and other crevices effectively; with repeated rinsing, you can easily remove soda from a carburetor and other parts because it’s water soluble. The result? Substances will move smoothly through your carburetor, assuring a proper air-to-fuel mixture.

…Be Friendly to The Environment.

Sodium bicarbonate’s chemical composition is non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. Compared to chemical baths and sand blasting, it can reduce your disposal costs and health concerns.

It’s The Natural Choice.

With benefits like these, wet soda blasting is an easy choice for your component-cleaning needs. If you’d like to learn more, we’re a phone call away.

Before & After Wet Soda Blasting

Before | After

Force 3.36 by Wet Technologies is an ideal system for wet soda blasting engine parts.

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