The Fourth Industrial Revolution, whether you call it Industry 4.0, or Manufacturing 4.0, is opening doors to higher productivity, smarter workflows, and safer work environments. As we integrate advanced robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, additive manufacturing (3D printing), and smart energy, why not reinvent the ways in which we approach surface finishing? Wet blast systems have proven to outperform conventional manual, chemical and dry blasting processes. Combine steps, speed production and eliminate airborne dust and hazardous chemicals. And, perhaps most importantly, improve surface integrity and performance.

Are your old surface finishing technologies obsolete?

We finish metals, plastics, synthetics, composites—any substrate that can be exposed to water. Bring us your newest finishing challenges, and through a team approach, we will achieve results beyond your expectations.

We’re making inroads for brand new applications and materials in 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing. The Wet Tech process is showing great potential for removal of upskin, downskin and support structures in resins, plastics and metals.

For consumer goods like hand tools made of aluminum and steel, we’re improving processes and products, with finishes that look as well as they perform.

Custom wet blast systems improve production in many different industries.

We’re advancing manufacturing in the defense industry, eliminating the need for bulky apparatus like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and reducing lead times for parts manufactured on-demand at home and in the field.

In coin-minting and precious metals, we’ve eliminated acid dips. Our closed loop, zero-discharge design not only reduced process steps, but also dramatically improved safety and sustainability.

In the medical industry, manufacturers use our wet blast technology to create special profiles that promote the growth of bone into implants. And because Wet Tech workstations are dust-free, they can be placed in close proximity to sensitive equipment.

Firearms manufacturers have seen huge advances in the finishing of interior passages, which used to require dry blasting as part of a tedious, complex finishing procedure. Wet blasting has eliminated the problem of embedded blast media, while greatly reducing manual labor. Custom engineered wet blasting improves integrity and performance of the finished part, as surfaces are finer and dimensions are more precise.

In automotive reman we’ve made strides in rust removal, degreasing, and resurfacing of pistons, transmissions, pumps and hardware.

One of the earliest adopters of wet blast technology was the aerospace industry. Custom engineered Wet Tech solutions have a track record of hundreds of thousands of hours efficiently etching composites for bonding, cleaning and descaling, and removing burrs and machine marks.

In MRO, we’ve dramatically improved descaling, degreasing, parts cleaning and paint removal. And because our custom-engineered manual, robotic, and automated systems are closed-loop, the processes are as clean, safe and sustainable as they are effective.

Forget everything you used to know about lapping, deburring, cosmetic finishing, deflashing, pre-plating and etching processes. Rethink cast removal and palette washing. From the most delicate substrates, to robust industrial parts, Wet Technologies has been innovating these processes in our in-house lab for decades.

  • Pressure range from 1000 to 7900 psi
  • High pressure water or slurry with a wide variety of media
  • In-line integration for seamless production
  • Integrated custom-engineered controls and robotics
  • Innovative approach to problem-solving and machine design

We’re ready to match the amazing products and materials this fourth industrial revolution will bring, with faster, smarter, safer, more precise finishing processes.

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