Surface Finishing Challenges In Aviation MRO

From a remanufacturing standpoint, Aviation MRO companies are increasingly pressured to reduce the amount of chemicals used in their cleaning, stripping and descaling processes. De-oiling, separation and removal, in particular, pose dangerous health and environmental safety hazards and may expose the operation to costly fines and potential litigation. The need for clean and sustainable solutions has never been greater for the Aviation Industry.


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Benefits of a Closed-Loop, Wet-Slurry System for Aviation MRO

  • Cleaning and descaling surfaces more effectively, while minimizing the possibility of hiding stress cracks in the process.
  • Dust-free, wet-slurry process allows for location of work cell in close proximity to sensitive production areas, proven to increase workflow in MRO installations.
  • Elimination of dust, dust collectors and static electricity as well as the related health hazards, safety issues and maintenance headaches.
  • Dissipation of heat from friction due to the high percentage of water in the slurry.
  • Greater reduction in component Ra values by improving controls over wet peening, and then immediately lapping the surface, all with the same media.
  • Precise and repeatable delivery of wet blasting slurry, combined with the continuous separation and removal of scale, corrosion, paints, oils, and broken down media from the process.

Who in Aviation MRO Relies on Solutions from Wet Technologies?

Pratt & Whitney —
Multiple system installations designed and built to specification for cleaning rotating discs and hubs; our wet-slurry was found to be superior over aggressive dry blasting.

Wet Tech clients Pratt & Whitney, Kalitta Air, US Air Force, and Delta Tech Ops logos

Delta Tech Ops —
Multiple custom systems for descaling rotating discs and hubs.

Kallita Air Cargo —
A versatile multi-purpose system for performing various diverse MRO applications.

Hill Air Force Base —
Installation for descaling various F-15 components.

Cherry Point Naval Air Station —
Closed-loop wet blasting systems utilizing baking soda media for cleaning various pneumatic components, motors and starters on the following platforms: F-18, CH-46, CH-53 & AV-8B.

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