Grinding surfaces can be both complicated and time-consuming. Wet blasting will help you move through the finishing process more efficiently. Wet blasting is also more forgiving than grinding or sanding as it’s less likely to damage parts.

Grinding for Aerospace

In aerospace, it’s critical that your processes and methods produce durable, strong, and lightweight parts without errors and setbacks. As grinding tools wear, the precision and durability of machined parts may be compromised.

Wet blasting can improve your finishing process by eliminating tool degradation and improving repeatability—while saving time in the finishing process itself—and reducing or eliminating maintenance of traditional finishing equipment.

It’s also ideal for etching composite surfaces in preparation for binding to other composite or metal parts.

Grinding for Automotive

Grinding in the automotive industry can be significantly improved by using wet blasting. Wet Blasting can remove multiple layers of coatings and material in a single process. For reman, this method eliminates the use of torches for paint removal. Improve productivity by retaining or restoring damaged surfaces without wasting excess time and material. You can remove more paint and grunge in less time.

a traditional grinding process creates sparks and dust
Eliminate hazards in the workplace, reduce machine maintenance, consolidate process steps, and get better results with wet blasting, compared to traditional grinding or sanding methods.

Grinding for Medical Devices

Abrasion on a medical device can embed impurities, causing complications. A safer, more cost-effective approach is to prepare the surface by wet blasting.  Not only does wet blast finishing eliminate the likelihood of embedded contaminants in the surface, but it also allows various finishing and cleaning processes to be performed in a single, self-contained cabinet.

Automated Grinding for Industrial Processes

Automated Wet Blasting offers a more efficient and economical way of processing large parts and volumes of material. Standard dry grinding requires massive amounts of power and produces excess dust in the work environment, leading to health problems for workers and anyone nearby. Sanding is not only labor intensive, but also presents the risk of leaving particles embedded in the surface of the finished material. Wet blast technology allows a cleaner, easier, safer process, eliminating dust and contaminants while creating a smooth finish. Quality and productivity are top priorities in surface finishing. Let Wet Technologies help you transform your grinding and sanding processes to operate more efficiently.


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