Restore metal and plastic parts for motorcycles, cars, lawn maintenance equipment—even components for homes, buildings and utilities. A huge advantage over sandblasting, the water in wet blast slurry acts as a lubricant between the media and the component surface. The action of the slurry on the surface creates a lapping effect, resulting in an even satin finish.

Wet blasting does not allow media to become embedded in the surface, not only preventing damage but also reducing finishing steps.

Safe for Plastic and Rubber Parts and Inserts.

While wet blasting is impressive on metal surfaces, it’s also safe to use on plastic parts, and won’t damage rubber components or synthetic fittings. So you’re not only extending the life of your original parts, but also protecting the entire system it works within.

Less Friction, Less Heat.

Eliminate warping from heat caused by friction. Wet blasting cools as it cleans. Safely restore antique surfaces, prepare thin metal parts, and clean plastic parts without distorting their original shape.

Retain Etched Numbers, Logos and Other Details.

Wet blasting will remove grease, scale and dirt without erasing serial numbers and other factory markings or engravings.

paint removal

Save a Step—Wash and Rinse Parts in the Same Cabinet.

Wet blasting equipment cleans parts better and allows thorough rinsing within the wet blast cabinet. Even internal passages come out smooth and free of chemicals or contaminants, preparing them for coatings or adhesives.

Self-Contained, Dust Free and Sustainable.

Wet blast cabinets keep media contained and don’t emit dust. Airborne particles are greatly reduced or eliminated. Media can also be recycled, reducing waste, for a safe, economical, sustainable process.

The FORCE Wet Blast Cabinet is so clean and self contained, you can use it right alongside other rebuilding and restoration processes without contaminating the surrounding area and surfaces.

A Versatile, Valuable Asset in Your Shop.

Restore original mechanical and cosmetic parts to like-new condition, even through fine internal passages. Remove oxidation, rust, gasket material and adhesives completely without damaging critical bonding surfaces. Stop sending out for acid baths or breathing fumes from tubs of gasoline and other solvents. Prepare parts for painting and coating with complete confidence.

For degreasing, descaling—even non-destructive removal of paint and coatings—you can’t beat the controlled, complete cleaning action of the Wet Tech process.

Clean, prep and refinish all kinds of small parts within the same convenient cabinet. Switch from soda to aluminum oxide; glass bead to ceramic media. Right next to other operations, multi-tasking, in-house, like you’ve never been able to do before.

Eliminate failures due to embedded media. Impress customers with smooth bright finishes and flawless surfaces. If you’re ready to get the FORCE 3.36 into your shop now—or just want to ask a few questions—call us today.

Wheel reman--before
Wheel reman--after

Learn more about the FORCE 3.36 manual wet blast cabinet.

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