Why is Wet Tech Finishing Ideal for Additive Manufacturing?

Wet Blasting Offers Flexible, Practical Post-Processing Options for 3D Printed Parts.

Clean and Smooth

Compared to hand finishing and sanding, Wet Tech processing is more precise, consistent and repeatable. We can achieve smooth surface finishes, from 500Ra >125 Ra, even through internal passages. Our pressurized liquid slurry leaves little or no media embedded in the finished 3D printed surface. Different types of Additive Manufacturing present different finishing challenges.

Small Footprint

Our innovative closed-loop wet slurry process is completely clean and sustainable. Wet Tech equipment can be integrated with your automated production line or isolated to a stand-alone manual cabinet. Ideal for small runs, our cabinets are easy to install on the factory floor, or even in the field, for situations where on-demand production at the point of need may be an advantage. No harsh chemicals, cumbersome dust collectors or PPE are involved.

So if you’re wondering how to perfect your product’s finished cosmetic surface, how to remove support structures after 3D printing, or what’s the most effective way to etch surfaces for bonding, bring your part or product to our in-house lab for testing. 

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