Additive Manufacturing Applications

Post-Process Finishing to Smooth 3D Printed Parts.

At Wet Technologies, we’re testing various techniques for Additive Manufacturing post processing; to finish metal, polymer and plastic surfaces, and to efficiently remove the additive manufacturing support structure that’s often required to produce complex forms.

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Aviation MRO

Jet engine parts are made from advanced metal alloys. AM technology allows us to optimize structures for strength and flexibility, while reducing the mass, or weight, of a component.

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive Fabrication and Reman

Aerodynamic parts can be custom designed and fabricated in days instead of weeks. Exhaust parts and pumps can be “printed” of Aluminum alloys. Mission critical replacements can be made at the point of need.

Medical Applications for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Prosthetics and other devices have been created on demand. Synthetic internal organs and bone regrowth support systems are being developed. Researchers are even exploring the use of bio-inks fabricated from stem cells.

Product Development with 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing design, free from the limitations of traditional machining, offers engineers the freedom to develop complex shapes. Optimized for light weight, advanced materials, and rapid iteration of prototypes.

Let’s Work Together.

Are you working with 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing for your product or application? Bring your parts and prototypes to our in-house lab, to explore precise surface finishing, using the Wet Tech Process. Together we can advance Additive Manufacturing for innovative design and short run production.

Why is the Wet Tech Process ideal for AM post-processing?