Automated Finishing Technology for Tactical Firearms Manufacturing

Unerring Precision: the Mission-Critical Prerequisite

One of the most high-demand, high-production industries Wet Technologies services today is firearms manufacturing, where customers such as Smith and Wesson and Sturm Ruger help equip the world’s elite military forces and law enforcement agencies with safe, effective, high-end firearms to protect the countries and people they serve. In addition to volume and speed, for operations such as these, unerring precision emerges as the mission-critical prerequisite.

Various Wet Technologies wet blasting systems are now positioned in multiple locations at these plants to replace the traditional time-consuming manual processes and inefficient dry blasting and shot blasting stations these manufacturers had been using. And because of health hazards to employees, these dust  and grit producing manufacturing steps were being performed at other buildings, bogging down production time. Then, those parts had to be washed and dried and returned to the production line. All told, it was slow and costly.

In stark contrast, Wet Technologies solutions are so clean in operation, they can be placed side-by-side with CNC machines to ensure faster and more efficient workflows.

Our self-contained, closed-loop, automated wet slurry systems are used to deburr edges, remove or blend machining marks, and smooth or lap the surface of newly machined components — leaving these parts with higher quality cosmetic precision matte finishes, ready for assembly. Compressing the time and multiple steps these processes typically require has significantly cut production time and accelerated the supply chain. With tighter tolerance, higher quality components, the Wet Tech Process raises the standard of the end product.

Safe and Efficient Surface Finishing.

Since Wet Technologies solutions are water-based, they can reduce abrasive media consumption, and they employ no hazardous chemicals whatsoever. Moreover, there are no unhealthy dry blasting dust collectors to contend with, which only pollute the environment, endanger employee health, take up essential floor space and require constant cleaning. The speed and efficiency with which Wet Technologies has now combined and consolidated these manufacturing processes — since they are now being handled at our proprietary, automated, single-station, multi-process machines — has helped alleviate the traditional production backlog these firearms manufacturers typically face, which has had a major impact on sales, delivery and bottom line revenue performance.

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Three automated finishing wet blast systems